Do I need an Amp?

I just put in some infinity 6002i 6 1/2" speakers in the front and just the factory ones in th back, it is a hatchback, I have a jvc deck 40-4 watts and my problem is that I get distortion when I turn it up and also I don’t think it souns clear enough like some sterios I heard just wondering if I am not getting enough juice to the speaker the RMS is 60watts each.

thats weird that they are getting distorted like that. Is it distorted when you turn the volume up REALLY LOUD? or is just always distorted. i have the same speakers running off my kenwood(40/4) and dont get distorted unless i turn it up loud. Get an amp, it will be much much cleaner.

It’s the deck. Some decks are better than others when it comes to internal amp quality. You could improve things with an external amp but the problem is the deck, there are tons of others out there that put out quality sound.

You will definitely benifit from adding an amplifier. The head unit you have does not produce 60 watts per channel. That is a very overinflated maximium rating. You probably get about 15-20 watts per channel. When you turn it up, the deck starts to clip, and that is what you are hearing as distortion. Adding more power will allow the speakers to get louder, and sound much cleaner.

I bought an amp, a us acoustics 80-4 for a $140 now all I have to do is hook it up, anyway I hope it sounsd cleaner that’s what I want.