Do jdm one piece lenses fit ebay housing?

Just like the title says, I want to know if the lenses off of the jdm one pieces will fit the aftermarket one pieces from ebay(the regular ones not the halo ones). If I try to put the jdm lense onto the ebay housing will it fit up tight? Thanks

Lol i was just talking to my boy about this same thing earlier today. Id like to know too.

I spent a bunch of time earlier comparing my ebay one piece with pictures of the lenses from jdm ones. they look very similar but I don’t know about the angle near the foglight. They look slightly different. Anyone ever tried this?

search it, i saw a guy do a similar combo on here a long time ago he used the ebay lense on the jdm housing and it worked okay

It fits. Tegboi put the ebay lenses on the JDM 1 pieces. The lens is the perfect shape.

Thanks guys!:rockon:

But what’s the purpose behind that though? Why not just use the JDM 1pcs to begin with if you’ve already have it… well unless you only have the jdm 1pc lens…

I’m thinking aout using the jdm lenses on the aftermarket housings for a HID projector retrofit. I like the ebay housings better than the jdm ones, I know you all hate me for it. I like the jdm lenses better though. I plan to sand the fluting in front of the bulbs like that white car has in that retrofit pic request thread. I’m still not completely decided on how I’m going to do it though. My initial plan was two seperate bulbs for high and low beams. Now I’m leaning more towards a single bixenon. I also want to use a projector for the fog lights. I have a set of projectors from fog lights on a bmw that use h3 bulbs that I can’t decide if I want to use or not. If I do I will sand the fluting in front of those bulbs too.

let us know how it turns out and upload a picture.

I will definately post pictures when I finish. Right now I’m still at the researching and buying supplies stage. I’m on a small budget but I’ve got some interesting ideas to try out.

I think you should only run 1 projector… Having more then that will look out of place.

Before you sand down the lens, Can you put the lens on the ebay housing and see how the light output is with halogen bulbs?.

I’m curious to see how it’d turn out like that… And if it works, I might have to try it… Seems like a better way to get the black inside the headlights.

Yeah, I’m leaning towards a single bixenon projector for each side but also a small projector for the fogs. Since I’m going to be getting a set of jdm and ebay lights I’m going to play around with two different retrofits. In the ebay housing I’m thinking of a single bixenon for the high/lows and a nonHID projector for the fogs. This set will have the jdm lense with sanded fluting over the headlight and foglight, and the rest will stay cloudy. In the jdm housing I’m thinking about leaving the corner and fog stock and split the center into a projector low beam and a regular halogen high beam. It would have the clear ebay lense. I still don’t have everything in front of me yet so things may change. I will try to get pictures of the unsanded jdm lense over the ebay housing once I get everything and get going on it.

i’ve noticed this question pops up once a month now…

i will tell you right now the light output if the projector is killed going through the jdm lens. the cutoff is fuzzy and the amount of light is way less. i tried the same thing a couple of years ago and i ended up going with the ebay lens in the end. good luck

Even after sanding the inside of the lens?

Why would you go to all the trouble of buying and sanding JDM lens to get the same effect as the clear Ebay one? Sand or sandblast the parts of the Ebay one you want cloudy if you don’t want the whole thing clear.

That is a really good idea. I might have to give it a try. I’m not to worried about how much time I have to put into it, I just want a nice finished project.

because the effort & results seen before from this type of project, is something many desire, but dont want to put the work in… or dont know how…

sanding down the inside & clearing vs. ebay clear lense, is just that. some people dont want all clear lense, exposing the ugly internals of the jdm DA headlight… and foglight & corner area would still look great, and where the light needs the clear lense to beam the cutoff & clean light through would be right where it’s needed, and not anywhere else.

I was going to stick a projector in the fog light area of the JDM one pieces. I changed my mind once I realized I would have to drill a hole in the back of the housing to change the bulb, since the stock fog light bulb is changed through the top. I was gonna go with a spare set of older 350Z projectors that use D2R bulbs, pretty small and compact.

Good luck with your retro, I’m interested to see what you come out with.

look here. i used ebay projectors and relocated them to the outside with non nipple lenses. i used h3 hids and did not do anything to the glareguard other than reposition it to suit my needs. the only other thing i did do to the projectors was to enclose the perimeter with aluminum foil as to not get scattered light coming out of the housings.

if you are lazy and you can live with the nipple projectors, you can just put h3 hids in there, run your ballasts, maybe take the headlight apart to seal around the projector if you have to, and call it a day.