DO NOT BUY FROM SLAMMED_DB!.....he is a liar!

Buyers beware…shady seller…i bought innovative mounts that he said were for 90-91 integra CABLE transmission…he even reassured me he used it on a YS1 transmission…the mount he gave me was for a hydro transmission…i was in the middle of doing the swap and transmission mount did not line up…now im stuck in this bind where my car is STUCK at the shop…fuck this fagget DONT BUY NOTHING FROM HIM…he is dishonest and not willing to help me out…

this coming from the guy with wheels for days and a whole gaggle of people who will stand up for him.
good lookin out man. hope your car gets on all fours quickly.

Wow thats some BS. Sorry to hear bro. On another note my boy has a innovative tranny mount he might sell. Its still brand new in the box. He doesnt need it because he needs the auto to manual one. Its the black ones tho with upgraded 70a bushing. Lmk if your interested.

^^yea tell me about it…seemed like a cool guy too…but i guess not…i juss sent u a text sikauto…i need that mount like right now!