Do Not Sell To "Topramen"

This guy bought my steering wheel i was selling. Sent the money via paypal, no confirmed address, but hey it’s G2 right? and he used paypal. Probably and ok guy… so i sent it to him…

NOPE!!! This cock used a FRAUDULANT account to pay for it. Well i didn’t find this out till i transfered the money from paypal to my account. The bank rejected it, then paypal BACKCHARGED ME THE MONEY. So my paypal account was negative, and i never got the money in my account at the bank. So i paid for my own item, and HE has it.

Yes i called paypal and asked them what happened, they are the ones that told me he used a fraudulant account. They say they are trying to resolve it, but i really don’t believe them. They also won’t give me back my money because i didn’t send it to a verified address. So ya i got scammed, my fault for not sending to a comfirmed address, but hell… i am more mad at paypal. Don’t we use them for just this reason? in case something happens…errrrr…oh well, not like it was $100 or anything, but still sucks!

Anyway you have been warned, of him, and not to send your shit to anyone unless the have a confirmed address.


have you tried talking to the guy himself, he’s all over the forsale boards…

Nope, was too pissed at the moment…i’ll look for him though…thanks