Do Our Tranny's have LSD?

The other day, not gonna lie I did a fat burny through the intersection and I noticed, two tire marks. I was confused cause I thought you need to have LSD to get both tires spinning… I have a 92 but found out my tranny is a 90/91 YS1 which took me by surprise. Caused a lot of issues when I put in my new cluth and flywheel… anyways… do we have LSD in these tranny’s?

no the reason you get both tires spinning is because the half shaft makes both of the drive shafts equal length so it can be done , or your differential is fubar

So some good news bad news lol. Glad I asked. I think I’ll get that looked at just to be sure nothing is effed. Thanks :slight_smile:

i dont know about you, but every tranny ive ever met was more into coke than LSD…


:dance:^^ But like i was going to say,our transmission have a limited slip def. When you turn,the def transfers the power to the wheel with the most traction. But we all no that its the other way around as the wheel that is off the ground will spin as the one on the ground will just sit there. When you are in a strait line,both wheels will spin depending on condition of tires. Some times one will spin and some times both will. But the LSD lets both wheels spin no matter what. When you take a turn with LSD,the steering wheel is going to feel like it wants to fight you. So no,our cars (stock) dose not have LSD unless it was added buy someone that payed good cash to do so.
To see if you do in fact have LSD,pull the axles out and look threw the hole on the transmission. If you see a little bar in the way,its not LSD,but if you can see right threw it,its LSD.

Very interesting!! Ok I will take a look when I get a chance. Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys!

mine spins both wheels aswell. its pretty cool

try turning the wheel and spin the tires. You will se one mark.
Now my car dose infact have LSD and i rather it didn’t because it suck in the snow. But i do love the dig and handling it gives the car.