Do you need handels?

Just recently dropped a jdm itr motor in and was really looking foward to taking it to the track. But while i was doing the swap i pretty much re did the car paint and body work. when i was do that i ended up shaving my door handles. Now did i totally screw myself or was my buddy wrong when he said that track will only let you race if you have door handles.
thanks in advance

I have never heard of regulations that require you to have door handles.

Good luck with your racing; Type R motor = :drool:

Yea door handles are required…if your lucky they might not notice…

dam alright well thanks for the info someone let me know if they have doors for sale

are you coming to sac or infineon? we probly wont say anything about it here at sac but you technically do need them. we don’t bother street cars about that stuff much unless you start going fast. just make sure your battery is bolted down and you still have you coolent overflow bottle.

my integra was run down the track a couple of times with no door handles

but it wasn’t fast enough to worry about.