Do your windows rattle???

Does anybody elses windows rattle? Mine do and I think I’m going to attempt to take off my door panels and tighten them up, has anybody else attempted this? I have the helms manual so I’ll use that as my guide to get the doors covers off. Has anybody else taken thier door panels off to get to the windows? How hard is it?

i tried to do this once to fix something… but i couldn’t get them to come all the way off, my shop manual didn’t help, and i didn’t want to break anything, so i just lifted it up… the most i got off was the cover which was relatively easy (except for it being stuck at the top)… just keep a helms by your side and you shoudl be ok… i had a shitty chiltons…

My windows rattle when they are down and I go over a tight turn with a bump. You know there is a maze of metal in the way of getting to the window components? Be careful when taking off the plastic door trim. There are several hidden screws that you have to hunt for and the clips at the top can be pretty tight. Be carefull when pulling up, I used a screw driver to push the clips up from the inside of the door. You can rip the plastic apart if you get to hasty.

my driver side does…just give it a little bang hehehe

im sure mine does but i cant hear it over the music. it sounds horrible if i shut the door with the window down. still need to deaden the doors…
after you remove the necessary screws it just takes some force to yank the panel up off the frame. ive done it quite a few times already (sometimes angrily) and it seems to always go back on fine. just use logic and dont continue if you feel some tearing.

what i do is grab the top left side, then with my right hand/forearm go under the panel and support as much of the top as possible. yank yank done. hope this helps