Does anybody know if a 2 door rear bumper support will fit on a 4 door?

Just like the title says, hoping for an answer this time :cross:

Somebody must know:(

i’ve heard the bumpers were different but I can’t see how. You could always try…if it doesn’t work, there are more 2 doors than 4 so someone would buy it. Maybe try measuring/comparing 2/4dr bumpers? When looking at body kit sites, most list a 2/4dr rear. I would like to know too, as I am a new 4 door owner. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Yeah, there is a difference between the bumper covers, I know that…but I’m just wondering about the support. Thanks for the input:)

just go here
and compare the part number

Yeah I already did that, and the numbers are different, so I’m guessing there not the same…I emailed them though asking whats different about them