does anyone else use g2ic as their home page?

I have for years and wanted to know if any one else did the same?

I do, have since i found out about g2ic :rockon:

homepage and practically the only site i visit several times a day. with google as a close second.

X2, nothing better than seeing a teg when jumpin on the web:)

Its not my homepage (I’m a googleholic) but I do have it in my favorites and I click on that link all the time lol. Sometimes for no apparent reason… its like a habit.

guilyty +1:rockon:

I do, sadly I think im addicted to G2IC. Ive got to get my fix atleast every couple of hours:angel:

Same here, it drives my girlfriend nuts, “what could you possibly be doing on there now? you were on for an hour an hour ago!” LOL

My GF thinks the same thing and often gets irritated about…:rockon:

lol…it’s my homepage too :slight_smile:

Mine goes straight to classified thread.

i’ve used g2ic as my homepage since late '03, and i dont see it changing any time soon.

I hear that all too often as well. :rockon:

i could not thing of anything better for a homepage its a no brainier G2ic for life

It is my homepage on both my laptop and my desktop computers. :slight_smile:

same, i check it almost everyday

i dont even kno what im doing here :think:

well i have three home pages, g2ic first honda-tech second, and google last. what can i say im a honda guy that likes to search

I use to until i found