does sell decent JDM one pieces?

ive searched some old threads and saw a couple of options on where to buy one pieces.

does the member LL Cool B still sell sets? is so how much

is there a big difference in quality becuz prices seem to vary drastically

If you are talking about the shop in El Monte or Reseda, CA, I would say dont. I got 2 parts from them and they were mix and match parts from other cars. They are some gay STEREO shop trying to sell JDM stuff. Stay away. Buy your lights from LL COOL B. His are clean!

EDIT: yes, this is the shop. Dont buy from them. All they care about is you giving them money. Once you do, your taking a big risk on the condition of the lights. If you want to buy elsewhere, try

thanks alot, i always like to do my research before buying, becuz ive been screwed in the past

Do u have any guestimate on how much LL Cool B sells sets for?

or any other recomendations