does not want to start

Seriously. I need help on figuring out my problem. My 92 Integra has this problem. It does not want to start. I had taken out my alternator. Autozone says its still good. I had bought a new battery, but the battery got drained out, which I didnt even know. Because I was driving around town, my radio dies, my horn doesnt work, my cluster dies, and my headlights are dimmed down, plus my clock dies out. As of now I am taking out the starter and gonna take out to Autozone and see if it is still good. If its good then I DO NOT KNOW whats my problem. Cause I had taken care of the battery, alternator, and starter. Nothing else. SO would you please help a DA Brother out. Thanks for reading G2 Members.

Have you checked all fuses and grounds?

I had checked all the fuses. Fuses still good, the grounds not yet?

check the ground to the thermostat housing, the battery terminal clamp for the negative post, that runs to the top of the tranny check that entire wire… there is also a ground strap in the front of the block & one from the valve cover also… check them all and make sure the connections are clean!

Does the car die while u were driving if so check the ground on the alternator the bolt that holds the ground i can sometime be loose