Doing a head gasket, what else should I replace since it's out?

I have a 92 Integra RS with an auto transmission. It has the B18A1 engine and I have the head off ready to do a head gasket. What other gaskets and seals should I replace since I have everything easily accessible at the moment? So far I’m thinking the intake and exhaust gaskets along with new orings for the injectors.

How are ebay parts rating these days? I don’t plan on keeping the car and I just want it to be a solid runner so I can sell it for a better price. Any help is appreciated.

when doing gaskets and seals, stick to oem and stay away from felpro. when you get your headgasket, look into doing the copper spray. its supposed to help for a “better” seal.

i suggest:
all 3 cam seals (the ones under the cam gears and the one on the opposite end of the exhaust cam)
distributer o-ring
valve cover gasket with the spark plug grommets
arp headstuds just because
intake and exhaust manifold gaskets (i suggest the obx or hondata thermal gasket for the intake manifold)
timing belt, water pump and tensioner (an oem belt is fine but i always use the gates belts)
it wouldnt hurt to replace your valve stem seals with the supertech viton ones or oem
throttle body gasket along with a nice cleaning of the inside of the intake manifold
clean the o2 sensor or replace it
pcv valve (you are likely to break it anyway)
injector o-rings is a good idea
motor mounts that may now be 2 or more pieces
new belts for power steering, ac and alternator (oem is fine but i prefer gates just because)
new thermostat and gasket
clean the FITV and IACV since its probably never been done
replace any coolant lines that are soft and squishy or ballooning/swelling anywhere. you usally see it around the clamp.

i understand youre not keeping the car so i guess pick and choose whatever you want to do. im sure theres more that can be done but this is what i suggest. all this will be easiest when the head is off.