Dome light problem

Well i took my car out today, it’s been two months, well i went to turn the dome light on and three things happened at once, the light didn’t come on but the door light came on, and the clock went out. turn the switch off and every thing comes back. i haven’t done anything to the car, its been put up, any ideas, i did search and found nothing

Well you got it sort of right. This is the correct forum, but you cannot just put PROBLEM in your subject. In the FAQ it says you have to describe the problem somewhat— a broad description. “Problem” does not do that. Even “dome light problem” will suffice. I will change it to that.

thankx man, just looking for some help

replace the fuse.
i had this problem too, you rear defrost will not work either
the fuse is not blown!! at least it will not look like it. there is just a small crack in the fuse some where from corrision. the conanuity(sp?) is too low (not enought current,but still some)

this is why the clock will work but not the light

I had to check each fuse twice to find the problem,

if yo fuse is cracked u should tell by the middle of it, if the 2 ant connected in the middle then it is blown