Donor parts

There’s a junk yard that has a couple of wrecked 92 LS’s, and one of them has had some mods done to it. I want to know what parts will and wont work on my 91 RS. I know the springs and shock will work, but what else? Basically, what won’t transfer over to my car? Will the exhaust manifold work on my car? I can’t remember exactly what the car had done, but there was a few things. The real reason I want to know is because the guys that work at the yard are super cool and sell everything for dirt cheap! ($40 cdn. for a rear hatch cover, antenna, door sill trim, wiper arms, driver’s side mirror mount, and other trim pieces). There’s not too much left on either of the cars but I want to get as much off of them as I can as my car needs a little work.

Everything should fit. Except the header is different.