Door Handle Going g-funk on me

Door Handle, Driver Side Door Handle doesnt work anymore,
What the frank. it just floats around aimlesly.
i have to roll my window down and open it from the outside door handle.

help me fix my problem :up:

Take off the door panel, there should be something wrong, same thing happened to me, mine was a loose nut of some sort, anyways, just take off the door apnel and examine it.

where are the clips onb the door panel. and how many screws,
i thikn theres only 2 screws. but where are the clips and how many?
do i need the clips to put back on

not sure how many, but once you get the screws off, start from the bottom then when all are out, pull the panel upwards. BTW, don’t forget to take off the window crank (if you have non-power) and removing the mirror frees up more space