Door Handle/Keyhole

I checked for a bit online and I know where to find a replacement door handle part but how do I replace the keyhole and have it fit to match my key? Some ese’s tried breaking into my car and did the good ol’ flat head under the keyhole trick that didnt work. Then I assume they tried jamming a flat head into my keyhole which only messed up the keyhole so my key wont work in it. After all else failed, they broke my aftermarket moon roof handle (costing me $45) and jumped in through my roof, pulled out my stereo deck, then ran off as I ran at both of them to get my stereo deck back the good ol fashioned way. I cant find anything for this keyhole part online that will match my same key. This isnt a stealership issue is it?

option 1 would be to get another set of keys and locks for the rest of your car so it can be operated by that one key.
option 2 would be to get a matching set of key and lock just to replace that one that’s messed up.
option 3 would be to get any cylinder lock that fits (ie. another integra lock) and have a locksmith take it apart, while having your key in it, and file down the pins that sticks out.

option 3 might be in your favor.

i think i should’ve switched the order haha

This all sounds oh so expensive. Where can I get option 1 or 2 at? Online?

cheapest would be #3. just go to a junkyard and take one cylinder lock. call your local locksmith and get a quote. if you think you can do it yourself, save yourself the service fee of a locksmith.

#1 and #2, best to look for someone parting out their car that they happened to crashed. look in the for sale section, there’s bound to be someone parting out their car.