Door is Permenantly Locked!!!

I got a 90 RS, and I put 93 GS-R doors on it so that I can have power windows and locks. The doors have worked fine for months, then one day when I tried to unlock my doors with my alarm remote, but only the driverside door would unlock. I tried my best to unlock my passenger side door by climbing in the car and moving the tab on the interior handle. The F’n “Lock” tab snapped off the interior door handle, and now my door will not open, from the inside or outside. I tried using my keys and everything…shoud I try to slim jim my door open?


it will be alot easyer to much around with everything in there once you take the door panels off. youll have full reach of all the locking components.

yea, but good luck with taking the door panel off with the door shut. You cant even get to all the screws so that option is out.

Only thing I can think of is try removing the plastic cup behind the handle and see if you can pull on any of the rods with some needle nose pliers or something. Other than that all I can think of is call a locksmith and have them slim jim it.

take that inner door handle cover off
and u will see rods
get a vise or pilers and grip and pull toward the rear or the front(forgot)
it will unlock it
happend to me too

now i feel like a tard. duh. duh me.

when i went to read this post i was thinking" some ones gonna tell him to take the panels off" LOL

but yea behind the door cup thing theresthe lock linkages