Door lock help

Ok to start with im refering to the handle outside of the car with the keyhole just to clarify…ok i got in an accident last year n had went to pullapart n removed a door from a car in the junkyard n replaced my bent one with it n got it repainted…problem now is that of course the key doesnt wrk on that lock cause its from 2 diff cars… n now its just getting annoyin havin to go in the car… unlock the door with switch then get out the car n walk all teh way around teh car to open it up for a grl on date or wat not…so my question is…i have removed teh door panel on my old door n am lookin at it…i c 2 nuts but i cnt get to them because the glass blocks them…so does n e one know how i get to them n remove the exterior handle n key hole…yes i searched but every forumn started with the two nuts already removed n sumtin bout a u shaped thing… n e help would b appreciated thx in advance

oh yeah n this is for a automatic window

also the window is rolled down because of storage purposes so the glass would b safe… n there is no way of hooking power back up to roll up window :frowning: may b that explains why the glass waz infront of the 2 bolts lol…i neeed help…also tryna do this b 4 my step-mom gets home from her concert that way she wnt b lke y the hell is ur door on my living room table lol

Use a 12 volt battery to the motor wires to raise the glass. You really don’t have to remove the handle to change the lock cylinder. You can pull the clip and then slide the cylinder out. Removing the handle assy is easier though.

okie dokie sounds lke a plan 4 tomorrow mornin :slight_smile: