Door Switch

I am attempting to put in my LED strips for the bottom part of my door but dont know how the door switch is wired. Is it just one wire or where is it getting power from and ground from? Is there a place I can trace it along the door panel or maybe under my dash to wire up my LED’s too? I searched up door switch and all im getting is people selling them.

The circuit is closed by grounding. Look for alarm install guides ( and look for door pin, it will tell you where to tap into.

TY Dew, im gonna try my best. Im not really good with wiringdiagrams but i’ll give it a shot and if I get it done right, ill do a write up on how to do it for our tip section :slight_smile:

There isnt a door pin wire but a door trigger one but I tried everything. Wiring both positive and negative to it while properly grounding or powering both. Extending the wire to the door switches single wire and repeating the same step as the above. Im at a complete loss as how to wire this up properly so that when I open up my door, I can get the LED’s to trigger other then by running the wires to the roof.

For the driver side, I KNOW there is a wire mixed in with a bunch of others in some factory loom that runs to the back of the car under the rear seats or behind the side paneling (can’t remember which). This wire will be negative when the door is opened. There is a separate wire for driver and passenger doors. I can’t remember the wire color but it may be green/white, you will have to verify with a multimeter which green/white is the right wire… If anything I said doesn’t make sense to you don’t attempt this, it isn’t THAT easy to do…

Edit: wait how are you trying to wire this thing up? You should simply have the + wired in so it’s hot at all times, and the - of the LED’s should be wired to the door pin

That was the part I was confused about. If the door wire was hot or negative. I tried everything above and even put a hot and a negative to the battery and connected the wire directly to the door switch wire and to no avail. I been screwing that bolt in and out to test it so many times im starting to round out the bolt because I was dumb enough to leave it on drill setting rather then screw. Now that I know its a ground wire to that switch, im gonna find a hot wire and get that power source then ground it to the door switch.

Try this:

Full thread here:

Person is trying to do the same thing you want to do.

Use that as a guide for the relay wiring as the wiring pin switch color for 3rd Gen Integra might be different than 2nd Gen.

I read that entire article but I think the color coding is a little different. They are talking about a green/red when my driver side door switch is green/blue. Im gonna be online messing with it then gonna hit the door up again.

I just ran the hot from my battery to my hot wire on the led’s and the ground to my door switch and nothing happened. Door switch is activated and the dome lights are on. Just not my door led strip. Hmmm…

Yes the color coding is/can be different between the generations which why I said use the article as reference for the relay wiring.

For the actual car wiring try this:

and use a multimeter to test the wires.

Use the wire near the fuse box panel, not directly from the door switch.

I got this all figured out Spikeymike!! I wanted to know if there was a way I could make this into a DIY interior thing like in the help part?

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