door unlock broke

so this morning my drivers side door wasnt unlocking. it pissed me off but anyways later in the day i take the door panel off and see that one of the linkages popped off. the one close to the outer door handle was off and the c-clip fell down into the door. i fixed it for the most part but i cant lock the door from the outside with the key anymore. can anyone help me? the good part is that the door unlocks with the key now but it still sucks a bit to not lock it when i am outside of it :blah:

bump anyone?

I dont know exactly how to fix your problem but my advice would be to go in there with WD-40 and grease and get all the moving parts. After I did that on my teg the door works like a dream at first I thought that the inside handle was broke because it moved so easy.

well thanks i’ll try that but it’s started to work like normal again i just hope it stays together