Doral Brand of tires? any input?

Well i’m gonna be getting anew set of tires before WCM to replace my mich. MX4’s. I was gonna get another set of michs. but damn those things are expensive, and one of the members told me that Doral’s are another branch of Dunlop, it’s no name, but is a good tire, the thread is pretty much the same as Dunlop sports. so please input, these are for my stock 14’s, i need to replace my tires cause i want to make sure my tires make it to Sac

getting mines for 166.00 everything :smiley: , member is helping me with price, which would have been more

Hey SOL1D, I am using Doral and they seems alrite…btw u r getting what size? $166 is really cheap, is that a set of 4…tell me the shop man I need tires soon =(

btw I am using 195/50/15…