Double Din relocation

Hey guys so i have been rebuilding my teg this year and i got bored of doing engine work so i thought i would finally start something i have always wanted in my teg. i have a pioneer z2 and i didnt like how low it sat in the regular console area. SOooo i decided to put it up by the vents.
im obviously skipping a few pictures but i just want u guys to get a decent idea of what i did.

Let me no what you guys think!


how are you going to fill the gaps?

Thanks! it was pretty simple…im gonna use some ABS plastic i had left over. I’ll probably have to double it up to make it a little thicker and look better. ill definately post some pictures when its done.

Anyone have any suggestions on what i should put on the left of the deck? \


put a vent back in?

nah, its just my summer car, and w/o ac i barely ever use the heating controls thats actually partly why i took it all out. i left the air control and heater cable and thats only ever used for foggy weather lol…
soo i was gonna throw some guages in there but i have the entire lower area now for switches and guages so i think i would rather keep em all in one area…

how about:
a custom iphone holder
maybe a tweater?
photo frame lol?
…im running outta ideas…

Looks good. I think you should just center the stereo in the hole and then fill it however you will. It would give it a cleaner look and not too crammed in there. Good idea though.

good call. i was gonna keep it a little to the right on purpose that way the steering wheel doesnt cover any part of it from view.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to use to make the dash/trim beisde abs plastics?