Downhill coasting in neutral vs. in gear

I have been trying to find more ways to maximize my fuel economy given the staggering increases in gasoline prices. I have read that some cars with more modern fuel injection systems aren’t sending any fuel into the cylinders if the accelerator isn’t depressed and the RPMs are above idle. Does anybody know with certainty that this is or isn’t true for G2 Integras (mine is a 93, if that matters)? If I am coasting down a big hill in 5th gear, going 50-65 such that the RPMS are 2500+, is fuel going to the cylinders or not?

  • Dustin

this downward hill is going to have to be a couple miles long to have any significant impact on mileage…

also… what you may have heard is incorrect…

read more info about internal combustion engine and see the 3 main components thats needed.

yea u always have to have fuel being fed to the engine when its on, whether ur idling or not. to save gas u gotta look at ur driving habits and style. there are threads about saving gas, mentioning tire pressure, the more the pressure the better for gas conservation but then u get less traction in a way. rpms is a big factor but it goes in balance with load. going 30mph in 5th gear doesn’t help u save gas if u have to push on the pedal more to accelerate. u can try cleaning ur injectors, best way is by spending money and sending them out to rc… or u could just keep cleaning them with injector cleaner thru ur system. some upgrades also helps like an intake, exhaust mods. timing helps too. but as long as u have all ur systems and stuff working properly then u’ll have to bite the bullet. getting ur car tuned… a very very good option. all these options require money except for changing ur driving habits. aim for 300miles for a full tank… thats a good mark.