dristributor question?

ok so i bought a new obd-1 distributor for my obd-1 b16. i got it from ebay. i typed in 92-95 del sol and a few came up and i bought the cheapest one i could find that said 1.6l vtec. but now i noticed today that there is another distributor for 1.6l dohc vtec. so my question is will the one i bought fit my car and have it run or will i have to get the other one. and ya u can call me a dumb ass if u want, cuz i know i am.

There should be a # stamped on the side of it.What does it say?
Hope u dont have same prob as me,(Got a bad Dis From ebay)

it says td42u… and then the dohc dizzy says td44. jus curious if i can run this dizzy jus for the mean time till i can order the other one

TD-44 will work,Thats what iam running on mine,Not sure bout the other.

ya i found that part (td44) after i already bought the other one, so now i get to wait like another week before i can drive my car.