drive axle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes

yaya when i was putting springs on my car last week the passenger side drive axle came outta the shaft! theres a tri-pod bearing assembly on it and the only way i could get it back into place was to flip the bearings over but now my car starts shaking from that side when i get on it in second gear! yikes so anyways i jus wanted to know if anyone has had any problems like this and if they can tell me the exact way to get the axle in place! thankyou! :burnout: bam!!!

i had the same problem when i was installing coilovers into my car except it was on the driver side. There are splines that line up the shaft to assemble it and sometimes they get damaged and cant be put back in place. This happened to my car and i had to get a new driveaxle. Also if you lowered it its natural for a car to shake when you get on it a littleā€¦as long as you dont hear a clicking noise around turns your driveaxle should be alright though.

are you talking about the three bigger bearings inside the cv boot on the tranny side of the car. I think they only have one way to go in. My did that too when i left my spindle hanging too low and they came out you might take the axle completely out and try to line them up the right way, if that is what is a matter