Driveaxle/hub Bolt

does anyone know what size the driveaxle hub bolt is? the fuckin repair manual i have doesn’t say anything about it. I need to go buy the right socket, i’m replacing my cv’s.

Go to Autozone and get a 32mm axle socket. You’ll want one at least with 1/2" drive, because that focker it torqued to about 140ft-lbs

problem w/ Left CV Axle

yeah thanks. also 1-1/4 standard is the same.

Another problem has occured though.

on the left CV (Drivers) the damn thing doesn’t go into the shaft all the way, there’s like a 1 inch gap.

The other side went it no problem.

I know you have to jam it in there real hard, b/c of the ring at the end, but i applied as much pressure as i did for the other side, I even smashed my thumb really bad trying to get the damn drivers side in. Funny, when i was under my car, it seemed like there should be a gap there, so I figured, Ok, i can’t get it to go in any farther, then i put everything back together.

went to drive somewhere, and everything is fine as lond as your going perfectly straight, or left, but when I make a RIGHT, you can hear the cv wanting to slip out. so now i know it has to go in all the way.

I think you may have the driver’s and passenger side axles mixed up.

I looked @ them both, and they were identical. i think.
plus don’t all G2’s have Equal Length HalfShafts? right?

I may be wrong, but i don’t think i am.

Is there some trick to getting these cv axles to go in to the shaft or something?

if anyone else has had this prob, please let me know.
I guess i’ll be trying to fix this problem tomorrow.

so if anyone has any tips for these cv’s,

please let me know, this is the first time i’ve changed cv’s in an integra…

lol, if they were identical, that’s where your problem is. The inner joints are different. The driver’s side shaft has teeth that go from the tip all the way to where they meet the joint. The passenger side only has teeth that go 1/2 way. I may have that mixed up, but that’s where your problem is.


oh fuck…
I didn’t even realize that, i just check my old cv’s and yeah, 1 does only have half the teeth.

maybe thats why when i go to turn right, it kinda feels like its slipping out, and not grabbing completly.

I hope I didn’t ruin the 1 by driving with it like that.

Originally posted by streetracer0097
oh fuck…
I didn’t even realize that, i just check my old cv’s and yeah, 1 does only have half the teeth.

:rofl: sometimes I get these things right. Good luck. Even if one is messed up, take it back and tell them they gave you the wrong part and get the right one for free!

thanks man. i just finished switching them, i’m goin for a test drive right now…

yeah you were right, i just had them mixed up.
finally no more clicking, grinding, shaking…just a smooth ride.


Glad to help