Driver motor off track

My driver side moter has been coming off its track when you put it all the way up, my origional motor broke so i got a generic one. i did a search and i found this thread but they didnt answer the queastion about it comine off the track

right now my window is out, door panel is off and im white trash with a plastic bag over the window, ive taken the motor out and ive watch it, the motor is fine but once you lift it all the waY up it comes straight off the t5rack, is there suppose to be something there to stop it or what?

Well I finally got it to work, it took hours and hours of trying to figure it out but i finnaly got it, if anyone else is having the same problem it was a combination of things for me, first of the stoopers at the top of my door that stops the window were to high and also the 4 nuts that hold on the motor were screwed on way to tight (i didnt do it) and was making the gear bend and not work right so once i loosend it it worked like a charm. I hope that helps anyone:)

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