Driver side door lock

i have a 91 ls and it doesnt have power door locks. the guy who owned the car b4 me got an alarm installed with keyless entry. when i am inside the car i can lock and unlock the passanger side lock but the driver side door wont lock but it will unlock. to get it to lock you have to pull the handle up to get it to lock. so when i hit the lock button on the keypad the driverside door wont lock and the passanger side will. But both of the doors will unlock with the keypad. it used to lock so i dont know whats wrong with it. should i take the door panel off and make sure the metal wire is in its right spot? thanks

my car is a 93 gs with power everything, and when i get outta the car and its off and i have the driver side door open, the passenger side will lock but the driver side won’t lock. So everytime i have to shut the door and lock it from the outside with my key. This could have something to do with your car, i think its like a precaution so you don’t look your keys in the car maybe?

yea i was reading it is so you dont lock your keys in your car but it used to lock when i hit the lock button on the key pad and it just stopped doing it one day. the actuator still trys to throw the lock back but it doesnt lock.

when u try to lock it is your door open or closed?

Locking Problems

I have a 93 integra…also… If u install a alarm in the integra yes the Left door will not lock. So it protect u from locking yourself out. Also if you play with it to much your lock will snap then it wont work at all. Mines broken right now. I mean it still locks with the alarm but if u do it maunal it will not work anymore.

yep its a saftey feature honda came up with in the 80’s and kept it throughout the 90’s.

i don’t know how they would have bypassed it though, 2 people you might try getting in touch with are fcm and Steven Kephart, both know quite a bit about stereos/alarms. just search their names and see if you can get their emails or something

If it used to lock before, and now it doesn’t…then your door actuator’s gear is most likely stripped. Just replace it. But sure to check nothing is binding it during locking/unlocking mode when you put in the replacement.

BTW, Acura’s lock prevention system is only available on the OEM power door locks. But most aftermarket alarms have auto-iginition door locks, with lock-out prevention if any doors are left open.

ummmmmm that would be a no

  1. its not Acura’s, it was on Honda’s in general like i said in the above post, all the late 80’s accords/preludes/civics/crx’s had the safety lock thing as well

  2. and it wasnt only availble on power locks, it was on manual doorlocks as well, which is what the original poster has :wink:

im confused. i have an alarm and 30 seconds after exiting the car the doors automatically lock. both driver and passenger side.