Driver side locking mechanism

today i went to open my door to get into my car and i couldnt open it. i went in through my passenger door to see what the problem was, i tried unlocking it manually and the lock trigger woulndt open fully. i then somewhat popped outthe panel a little to try to open ity from the inside and i couldnt. what could the problem be.

i have the same problem in mine… i havent really tried to fix it though because i figured out that to open it from the outside you have to put your key in almost all the way then turn it, because if you put it in all the way its like your putting the wrong key in or something. and from the inside you have to pull the handle then lift the lock up, same thing for locking it (pull handle, then lock).
but if that doesnt work i donno man, id probably end up taking the door panel off and messing it up even worse, but maybe you’ll have more luck on that haha. hope that helps tho.

the lock mechinismy is stuck on the metal on top of it
take off the door hanles and 3 screws holding the assembley
then take it out of the door
and get pilers/flathead and push it down where its getting stuck on the metal on top of it
i just did it today

well when i took of my panel, i unhooked my lock and tried manually to open in. i noticed that its not unlocking all tha way. i also thought of taking the door completely of but how would i go into doing that, if the hook is locked onto the frame of the car where the hook latches onto.

well i just noticed today that my driver side door wouldnt lock with the door open. unless i pull the handle, then flip the lock. and it locks just fine. and unlocks. i wasnt sure if it was supposed to be like that, or not. being that since ive had the car, ive never locked the doors. did’nt have anything inside of it worth stealing. now i do, and was wondering if the way my door locks would cause any more future problems? like…the door not opening with the key maybe? or the lock just completely jamming?


sometimes i cant open the door from inside (drivers side) and y is it so hard to unlock and lock my door?? need help!! ASAP

100% normal, its a safety feature honda came up with in the 80’s to prevent people from locking keys in their car

good deal, thanks.

no but my problem is that i cant unlock my door, from the outside or the inside. is there a way of taking of the door while its closed? and how would i take it off?

take off your door panel, probably one of the metal rods/arms inside that connect to the lock came apart.

i tried that already, the rod that goes to the hook that goes to the frame of the care, thats where its not openning from.

I have a similar problem. With mine its the lock tab inside. The tab itself is broken and does not allow the mechanism to function properly. Does your lock tab kind of open half way but not actuate the lock mechanism? If so you have the same problem I do, just put in a new interior door latch(if you can find one).

no mine is the actual door lock. the one that locks to the latch on the frame of the car.