driver's side tail/brake light does'nt work... help!!

i noticed about a week ago that i had a bulb out on my tail lights. the other day my aunt was behind me and told me that i had a “tail light” out. i thought she meant just the bulb and did’nt think anything of it. last night, my little brother said the same thing. so finally i got sick of hearing people tell me and decided to check things out.
turns out that the whole driver’s side dim lights and brake lights don’t work and niether do my license plate lights. but get this, the reverse lights and turn signal/hazard lights work just fine. so basically, nothing lights up red on my driver’s side nor does the license plate lights. the fuses are fine and the harnesses appear to all be connected near the light and under the dash. what the hell could be wrong and how can i fix it???

food for thought - i had a pretty bad water leak from my tail lights a few weeks ago, but i fixed that with new tail lights. the lights worked fine after the install, but not anymore. maybe water damaged harness?? please help!!!