Drivers side window not working, two mysterious wires.

as the title says, my drivers side window just randomly decided to stop working, well actually i THINK the two wires were yanked out by the window either going up or down… i took off the door panel and removed my speaker, and there are these two random wires, not hooked up to anything, i assume they must go to the window regulator and thats why the window isn’t working… one wire is blue with a green strip (power?) and one is grey with black stripe (ground?) i took pictures but they arent great quality. the wires come through the door with all the other wires and then come out of the loom, i looked all the way up the loom and couldnt find a place where they may have came undone, thats thy i thought maybe they go to the window regulator. please confirm this or tell me where they go… and how the hell i am supposed to get them hooked back up to the window regulator if that is in fact where they go. HELP FCM PLEASE!!! Thanks in Advance!

The window doesn’t operate from either switch ?

well, window randomly started working again… no clue how that happened. but i would still like to know what the wires are for.

The wires are the stock speaker leads, blue/green is left front speaker pos.(+) and gray/black is left front speaker neg.(-).

Intermittent window operation is most likely a problem with the switch, dirty.
They can be disassembled and cleaned. 94