droping in a new engine

Well my Ls is got alot of miles and i’m going to replace it. So i fould another ls out of a 96 teg with 30,000 miles for 750. Is that a good price? Anyway my real question is would you consider this job a do it yourselfer? My friend has takin engines out of old american cars and says if he took an engine out he is pretty sure he could put it back in. And I myself i think have a pretty good knowledge of engines, just lack the experience. So do you guys think we should try this ourselves? I only ask this because its alot better than spending another 800 for the installation.

you would need a conversion kit for the tranny as well as a expensive harness for obd2 to obd0 (if you have a 90-91). If you wanted to di it yourself, you could just rebuild your engine for less than that and it would be like new


Sure i could change my gaskets and bolts. But i cant find a single shop that will hone my cylinders. Would exactly would you do if you were to rebuild your engine. And by theway i have a 93.

Send the block to eagle. You still have to get a harness for the obd2 to obd1