dropped a chip of spark plug down cyl.

So the bottom piece of a spark plug dropped down and I couldn’t get it out, I started it will the spark plug out in hoping it would shoot out the top but no, so it went out one of the exhaust valves and now my car runs rough…could it be just one of my valves are messed up or do you guys think their could be some cyl. Wall damage?

Bent valve, scarred cylinder wall, scored/damaged valve seat… You DEFINITELY shouldn’t have started the car with something in the cylinder, NEVER do that.

Do a leak down and compression test to see what part of the motor is/isn’t holding compression.

Oops I said that wrong, I meant when I took out the spark plug I noticed the bottom tip was broke off and didn’t know where it went, I didn’t know it dropped down, so I put a new spark plug in and that’s when I noticed it was in there so I took the ,new spark plug out and started it to get it out…but its cyl. 3 that’s. Messed up…180, 150, 90, 180

Do a leak-down and see where you’re losing compression…

If those numbers you posted are your compression in PSI per cylinder it isn’t just cyl 3 that is messed up…

PSI should read pretty much uniform across all cylinders give or take 5 psi or so 1 & 4 @ 180 sounds about right, but 150 then 90… well you can assume you have a definite issue on #3, and looks like #2 being at 150 could have some issues as well.

DO like unified said and post back.