Dropping 2" --wut else do I need?

Im planning on dropping my car wiht H&R race springs and possibly KYB Gr-2’s, i was wondering if I should buy bushings for anywhere I might need then during the install. Anyone got any suggestions? I dont want to get stuck half way through the install cause I dont have new bushings to install with the struts.

One other question: shoudl I plan on buying anything else other then struts/springs/camberkit/possible bushings?? Please help. Give me any advice you got.

i wouldnt buy anything else unless you have the money and wanna buy some polyurethane bushings buy the kit adn replace them all but when I lowered my Ls I didnt do nuthing but put the springs on 2 1/2" drop.

the Race drop is too low for the Gr-2 Shocks. Now, i actually have that setup on my car, and its been on for a month now, without a problem. the GR-2’s are only good enough for less than 1.5" drop. they will blow with time, just gotta wait. if you want my advise, its to get a good pair of shocks/struts, like Koni Yellows or something that can handle such a dramatic drop. thats just my 2 cents though.

Thats great advice, thank you. Do you think Tokico Blues will work good? I dont have much money for struts like Koni’s.

So back to my original question: when I do the install, will I have to replace to stock bushings wiht the new struts? What do most poeple do here? help me, im confused.

for the race setup, you need something adjustable, so no, i dont think blues would be good, but i could be wrong. if your short on cash, either try you luck with stock shocks and save, or buy the H&R sport with tokico blues, that should work fine. i dunno about the bushings… sorry. please, anyone correct me if im wrong.