"Drunk" driver

I’m driving home in the 1993 LS. I am stopped behind a grey SUV at a light. When the light turned green, he moves off, first, as normal, then he drives REALLY erratic: Swerving all over the lane, but staying within the lines. I see him in his side view mirror. I figure he’s drunk, given that he’s also waving is arms kinda oddly out the window.

I back off about 4 car lengths.

The road opens to two lanes and he gets in the right one and slows down. I assume he’s going into the plaza that’s coming up. He slows to a stop before entering the plaza. I drive past his left kinda slowly.


Apparently the dude was trying to get my attention this whole time, because as soon as I waved “thanks”, he goes into the plaza.

Anyway… still turning heads after 30 years. :sunglasses: