Dual Spring Coilovers

Anyone have any experience or heard anything good/bad about dual spring coilovers. I’m not talking about the $1000+ full setups from companies like Tein…etc, but more along the ones like the pictures in the link below with the sleeve type from Focuz, R! and Ractive. Most coilovers are all made by the same company anyways. The reason I want them is because of the ride quality, but if you corner hard you still get the performance benefits, similar to how progressive springs are. I already have Ground Controls on my car, they’re pretty good, but these dual springs are usually about $50 more. Why not get them? Any experiences from anyone?


i think those springs on top are tender or helper springs, so the spring doens’t unseat or move around, so like when your tire if ever leaves the ground and the main spring isn’t touching the hat or where it’s meant to be doesn’t move around because that small spring on top is keeping it in place or always keeping a certain amount of pressure to keep the lower spring from moving around, does that make sense to u?