dumb tiresize question

are stock da RS rims the same size as stock G3 rims?

im going to say no? g2=14" g3=15". at least thats what i see for the alloys all the time.

well, I think G3 stock steelies from the RS were 14". and I think some of the available alloys were 14". but in general most of the G3 alloys were 15", while the G2s are all 14".

fuck. cuz i have brand new good tires on my steelies from my RS and i just gor a db1 gs and it has 17" rims with new tires and i want some g3 rims (cuz i dont like g2 rims) so i can put my rs tires on them. knaamean/?

there is a nice set of 5 spoke wheels that was availble on the integras and delsol’s that were 14"

and then there are the mini fat fives that the del sols had also that were 14"