dw300 fuel pump chassis wiring help

So for my set up im using this fuel pump and was wondering if anyone knew the wiring for the fuel pump? Like which is power and ground on the chassis side? Because my only electrical clip is on top of my sending unit… are the power wires located on that? Or am I going to have to drop my tank again and spilce my wire into the fuel pump itself in the tank?

to do any fuel pump maintenance in our cars the gas tank needs to be dropped. maybe if you post pictures of what you have then we will be able to help you. if you want me to guess then the purple wire is power, the green wire is ground and the orange wire gets tapped into abs sensor. if you dont have abs then you cant use that fuel pump.

and why didnt you just go with a walbro? whats special about that pump?

Just curious what would abs have to do with it? Because I have a buddy running same pump in a cx civic hatch which had no abs? I got the rewire kit with it as well to good with posting pics but I can try

check the back of your head for a switch… flip it and a light will come on