Anyone with their tegs have dynamat in their cars? Cuz i can’t hear jack sh#@ on the freeways. I want to know if it makes any difference to the speakers and the ride. Thanks.

dynamat mainly cures rattles. it helps only a little with blocking sound, you need a sound barrier material - ie foam type.

if you do, dynamat is rape. go to www.mcmaster.com and search for acoustic dampening. 1$/ft for high temp mastic. or try www.b-quiet.com

how about dynamat extreme? The extreme looks thicker than cascade, brown bread, or B-quiet. Shouldn’t it work better than these?

ya but it wont be much of a better sound barrier. its just lighter, easier to apply, and a more efficient deadener. oh and complete rape on the price.

on that mcmaster page, they explain the different types of material and what they do. if you have enough to get extreme, you should get some of the other materials they offer. i think the vinyl based ones are what you want.

Your other option is to use a asphalt ice barrier. U can get it at home depot. The reason dynamat works (also a asphalt sheet) is because it adds mass to the panel its attached to. I’ve been in a car with it and it did reduce noise slightly. I figure if u can get some of the roofing stuff cheap enuf go for it.

I used VB-2 Sound Deadening material. Weighs a lot less than dynamat and works great. I did the whole car other than the firewall (too much work). Best of luck.

I recently had Dynamat Extreme install on my firewall,doors, and trunk. It greatly helped with road noise , If I didnt get it as cheap as I did I probably would have gone with a cheaper product.