dyno'd today

took my 90 integra to the dyno to day it made 138hp and 101tq.
i have a b16 swap, dc sports 4-2-1 header, hks exhaust, and a home made intake.

is this about average for my set up?

I think those are great numbers. your torque isn’t amazing but its pretty good for the 1.6. And your pony’s are close to those of the 1.8 block so good job! :burnout: :rockon:

what kind of dyno?
sae or std #?
thats pretty low…

assuming those numbers are to the wheels, it does seem a bit low.
Looks about right for a stock b16, though. What tranny are you using?

Just out of curiosity, where did peak tq and peak hp come in? (high 7000rpm?)

:werd: I’d think they’d be somewhere around 145+…


stand alone dyno sheets dont really mean much.

a before and after would make sense, but all dyno’s are different. So we have nothing to compare that too.

Thats average,from what I’ve seen,I put down 141(jdm gsr/ls tranny)before tuning,after, 151 to the wheels,and 164 once I got my s1 tranny installed.
I think your doing good,I put a lot of money into my motor just to get to 141(tranny did help alot)

let me figure this one out — from what i understand u to say, and i’m not being silly or anything … by simply switching to a j1 tranny u registered a 13 hp jump… from 151 to 164 ?.. thats amazing … :hmm:


ls trannys suck!

BTW Have you ever got your car dyno’ed ??? :hmm:

Horsepower = (Torque x rpm) / 5252

so, shorter gears = more torque at any given RPM, hence the increase in HP.
On the road, with a shorter geared tranny, you sacrifice top speed for a higher rate of acceleration.

My guess is phantomintegra is using a LS tranny.

PS: 5252 is just a constant and is not a measurement of any sort.

hmm i didnt know that. i thought it would be the same with any transmission.

cool :up:

how do i find out what tranny i have.
i bought the car for $850 2 weeks ago so i dont know what tranny is in it.
it loses power a little when vtec kicks in for some reason.
and for those people saying its low where do you get your number from?

your tranny code is on the Tranny code sticker (gold or white) by the engine block stamp.

We get the numbers because:

Around 15 % (Manual tranny) of the engine’s power is lost between the engine itself and the wheels (through the drivetrain)

15% of 160 (maybe 168 depending on the version) (stock first gen b16a’s power) is 24

160-24= 136, but you should be getting a few hp w/ the bolt ons you have.

mine says s1 is that the ls or b16?

you’re stuck… now the deal is trying to figure out if it’s a USDM S1 or a JDM S1… that’s annoying…

well cant you just tell by the RPM you are running at in a certain gear?

like on my jdm b16 transmission, im at 4000rpm in 5th and going 65mph, 3500 going 55, umm in 4th 45mph is 3500rpm

damn now i cant remember if its a j1 or s1 :bang:

So if 15% is lost in a manual tranny, how much is lost with an auto?

G2Sleeperstyle: yep. You can tell if it’s short geared or not using RPM’s.

RacingPoverty: 15’s an estimated amount… the estimated loss of power for autos is 20%

Dynos would not be effected by the gearing differences in the transmission. By measure the change in the speed of the drums vs RPM, the gearing of the transmission is irrelevant.

He may have more torque, but that torque will be shown in a shorter range of wheel speed, and therefore dyno drum speed.

So, your gear ratio statement is entirely wrong. The only way he picked up 13hp by switching trannies is if the LS one for some reason had way more parasitic power loss. Why the LS tranny would be that inefficient I don’t know. I suspect the 13hp jump was either engine break-in, better testing conditions, or possibly a different dyno.