e-brake & ALB warning lights

Ok this is the situation. For about a week now my e-brake light would come on whenever I take turns too hard or go over really harsh bumps. Following that ALB light would turn on too. I read the manual and it says turn the car off and turn it on again. If the lights stay off after restart then it’s fine. So I didn’t think anything
of it. Just yesterday when I started my car the e-brake light stayed on (e-brake down) and after 2 mins the ALB light came on too. So I checked the manual again and it said it needs to be checked with an ALB checker.
I called acura and they said it would cost about $75 just to check to see what is wrong with it. I think that’s BUNK!!! I’ve never done this ALB checker thing so I really wouldn’t know but the manual says it only got 6 steps.
(sorry for long read guys)
My questions are:

  1. Can I check this myself? (to save precious 75 bucks?)
  2. Where can I get an ALB checker? (edmonton guys help?)

I have a hunch its just my sensors but I’d rather make sure


thanks for any input


(btw I had my shocks/springs replaced about 2mos. ago I dun think that should affect it. but just in case)

#1, the abs light is coming on because if the parking brake is on for a certian amount of time the abs automatically comes on.
#2, read the TEG TIPS!! It tells you how to diagnose the abs problem…but I’m positive youre ebrake is the problem


will check on that