eagle h beam rods in all motor b18a

I was wondering if anyone had to notch their block when installing eagle h beams on the stock crank. i’m looking into building an all motor b18a and don’t feel like notchin the block.

I did not have to. They fit just fine.

have you ever heard of anyone having to notch their block when using those rods?

Not to my knowledge. But I guess there is a first time to everything. I just put mine in a few months ago and I had no issues at all. You can see my build here http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=172518 They fit fine in my B18 and they were really close as far as being matched in weight. I like them a lot. I have had them in for over 2k miles and my motor is at 15 psi now.

you have to notch it if you have a d-series motor and installing rods.

i have eagle rods in my b18a and no i did not need to notch… yeah i believe that is only for the d-series.

yeah that’s why i asked because my friend built a d series and he had to notch, and i didn’t want to have to do that

Eagle rods, no notching either.