Easiest way to fix my cooling fan?

Here’s what i got, i bought the car and never noticed this but the cooling fan NEVER comes on… but the condensor fan does…

So this is what i did, replaced the cheap stock radiator with a all metal one to help the cooling out, untill i could get a new fan (not cheap)…The other day i tested the fan out and it works, but never turns on…? i’m thinking switch, right? Here’s what i was thinking of doing, rewiring it so i can turn it on with a switch from the inside… or do you think i should do it the stock way and see if it will turn on by itself?

replace the thermo switches (theres 2) and then see if it comes on, if not. Check your relays, the helms explains how to check it. Iheard there is a computer behind the heater under the dash that runs the fans but i cant find it! and i dont have $150 to replace it just to see if it “may” work!

I have both my fans hooked up by manual switchs, but they are always hooked up OEM style (i just spliced the wires and added mine into the mix. So when i do figure out how to fix it then all i have to do it cut off my wires then put electrical tape over it and not worry about new plugs or anything!

Oddly enough i had the same problem… the condensor fan and the rad fan have the same plugs… (one green one white)
I swapped them to see if my rad fan worked or not… and they both work now… go fig… i wuz gonna install a switch… but now it works normally… <shrug> confused the hell outta me…

so you guys think i should wire it up the stock way, instead of making it turn on with a switch from the cabin?

i have the same problem

i have the same problem u r having i replaced everything to get my cooling fan to work and nothing is working for me and i am about to hook it up to a switch .

did u try replacing the relay?

i haven’t tried anything yet, i was just trying to get your feedback on the easiest and least expensive way to fix it… i was just go’na wire it to a switch.

I just found my Engine Coolant Temp Switch (fan switch), and pulled the connector off, cut the wires and crossed them with a wire nut. Now my cooling fan comes on whenever my ignition is on. I keep tellin myself to take it back to stock, but in Florida, I don’t see a problem with it running all the time. Good luck.

yeah, thats what i want to do, do you have pictures? or tell me where the switch is… i was thinking about just replacing the relay and seeing if that works but i can’t get down to the dealership to ever pick one up.

My car is a 92 RS B18a, and my switch has a grey 2 wire connector right beside the radiator hose at the thermostat housing. If you follow the lower radiator hose, it will lead right to it. The ECTS is 2 inches left of the hose, in the thermostat housing. Like I said, I just disconnected the connector and cut the wires an inch back and used a wire nut to ground the wires out. Now my cooling fan is on whenever the ignition is on. I kept the connector in case I want to return it back to stock one day.

i think i’m just go’na wire it to a switch in the cabin, it makes the most sense to me… that way i can choose when i want it on, especially since i live in Vermont i don’t need a cooling fan on during winter so i wouldn’t need to have it on when i turn the ignition.

I probably have a blown headgasket so if i replaced the switch and it didnt’ come on that would probably make me wanna kill somthing… switch i guess is the best route…

I want to, however, wire the condensor fan in parrallel to the cooling fan, there are 3 wires i noticed from the A/C fan compared to the 2 wire coming from the cooling fan… what i need to know are what wires are power and such.

Is it possible to wire the fan wrong and have it going in the wrong direction? on the cooling fan there are 2 wire liked i stated, one is blue the other black. i just assumed black was ground and blue was power so i tested the fan out that way, but how do i know it was going in the right direction to cool the radiator?

The condenser fan comes on when a/c is on, but also comes on when a oil temp switch grounds the circuit, that must be the 3rd wire. Sorry i don’t know what color does what. Hope this helps you. You know, Autozone carries the Engine Coolant Temp Switch for $!3 , maybe you should just replace it and let it come on when the temp calls for it. Hate to see you forget to turn your fan on until you notice your temp is in the red.

the one for $13 aint the one it says it is… its the gauge sensor… i went there and checked about a month ago when i changed mine… it was 26 i think

Thanks for the heads-up, I appreciate it.

doesnt’ having a headgasket leak throw everything off though? i’m not sure if i have one or not, but lets just say i do… would the fan still come on? right now i’m running without a fan and with the All metal radiator i have it seems to be fine as far as temp. goes… i turn the car off then turn it to acc. and it is below half way even just 20 secs later…

Maybe i’ll try this, get a switch from Napa and wire the A/C fan up to a switch… as a backup incase of over heating. I don’t have A/C anymore so it’ll never come on unless i wire it to a switch.

Anyone know how to wire a condensor fan to a switch :wink: lol… just need to know which wire is which really i can do the rest fromthere.

did you ever get it wired up?? couse im thinking of doing the same thing.

I’ve had my fan on a switch for a couple years now. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the temp intermittently, but usually have it on when driving on surface streets & off on the freeway, unless traffic …
Installing it was as easy as snipping the +/- wires, splicing in a fusible link, routing the wires through the firewall & drilling a hole in a dummy switch + install. Didn’t take very long (was drinking Coronas at the time, so can’t give you an accurate estimate), and haven’t had any cooling issues since.

ya and its on my site how to do it…


sounds fun, im gonna do it tomorrow. you should post that in the TEG tips.