Easiest Way to remove Climate Control Bulb?

That little thing is a pain in the butt, how do i remove the bulb under the climate control cover? Thanks fellas

NM I just got some needle nose and easily pulled it out.

did you have to remove the entire dash to get to the bulb under the climate control???

mine’s been out for awhile and i’d really like to get it changed! thanks.

it’s the easiest thing you’ll do, you know how the bulb is really small but it’s pretty strong so just get spme needle nose and pull it out, hope we’re talking about the same bulb.

thanks…but did you have to remove the dash to get to the bulb?

theres a piece u remove to get to the climate control… about 7 screws if i remember right

when you say bulb… are you refering to the a/c light?.. mine burnt out and ihad the whole thing apart tring to get it open to change the bulb… didnt have any luck so i gaveup

i have a 92 GS with the temp control as a round knob. the bulb that’s burnt out is the one that lights up the cold/hot (red/blue) color around the knob. i always thought you had to remove quite a bit to get to it so i never tried…but if there’s another way…let me know!


pull off the knobs than that thing is a kinda big piece of plastic that pops out (the oval/rectangle piece that covers where the lights are) if i remember right the lights are right inside there

There are 3 bulbs… that I replaced when converting my dash lights to LEDs.
There is 1 bulb that lights up the ac temperature control face.
The other 2 bulbs are under the cover where the little pictures are.
You’ll have to remove a few screws… at which point you should be able to slightly lift up on that entire portion of the controls. Under that section… there are a few clips that holds the face on to the rest of that section. Carefully use a small screwdriver or a test light… [Which i used] to lift the clips out of the groove. I think there are 4 of them. Same goes for the top… but the top is easy.
From there… You’ll be able to remove the face and change the 2 bulbs that lights up the pictures that let you know where the air is flowing… i.e. the Floor… Vent… recirculation and so on. You’ll need little pliers to remove those bulbs as well as the one that was 1st mentioned in this thread.

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Thank you, changing mine today