Ebay Black Housing Headlight Install Manual?

hey all, i just brought a set of the ebay black housing headlights, but they didnt come with instructions…there are some wires which dont connect to anywhere so i was wondering if anyone knew of an install guide or can tell me where the wires go, coz i am very confused!

these are the lights

when i do install them ill write up a install guide for future referance, but for now i need the help heh.

Thanks alot

umm juss bolt em up…and connet wires?

they’re likely the halos that have the extra wires.

if that’s the case, i’d say wire them up to the parking lights.

Do what ferret said. if they are in fact halos, just join the like colored wires covered in mesh (halo wires) together and splice them into the corner parking lights.

For the fogs, make sure to leave enough slack and cut the wire that runs to the inside of the usdm housing toward the foglights. the closer you cut this wire to the fog, the better.
i know this part is confusing but you will understand what i am talking about once you see it first-hand.

what i think i might try do is install the lights and connect the halo’s to a separate switch, so i can turn them on and off anytime i want (if i drive with parking lights on itll look like im braking all the time during the day kno what i mean?)

so if i decide to do that can i run it straight off say the battery, through a fuse, through the switch, into the lights? or do i need to keep it a certain voltage, and if so what can i buy to do that?

Thanks alot

you should just be able to connect it. I see nothing special where you would need anything else to run these…question?!? what made you get these lights with the nipple? The reason I ask, is because I had them along with others and we all came to the conclusion that there cheap and don’t light up the road well at night. they use H3 bulbs…which are smaller than stock, pretty much the same “size” bulb of what goes in your parking light…correct me if I’m wrong.

this is a picture of the back of the lights :slight_smile:

the reason i got these was, over in AUS thses are VERY hard to get and i saw them on ebay and i got them asap coz theres stuff all over here in regards to integras.

I had a set of these in chrome on my other DA (which died a horrible death), bought these ones for the I have the same lights except for the reflector on the corner is white on mine (not orange). Here’s the scoop…
The 2 red wires on the left are for your Halos(Angel Eyes) wire these to the park light, FYI test these before you bolt it up. One wire to positive and one to negative of the park light(obviosly). If they dont light up swap the wires around. The halos use leds and will only light up if + is connectted to the + side and - to the -side. Also make sure that you wire it to the corner light that stays on all the time (Not the indicator bulb). Blue connector plugs stright into you facory harness (no sweat) The white connector on the right of the pic is for you fog lights. This will not clip into you factory fog light plug on the car, I cut off the harness on the factory plugs and used spade terminal to connect to the plug on the lights:ohyeah:

Thankyou so much man!

No Prob. I 've learned alot from g2ic, glad to give something back