Ebay CAI with HKS Super Mega Flow Filter any good?

I just got a CAI off ebay and I’m replacing the sorry filter that came with it with a HKS Super Mega Flow. I was wondering if this is a good ideal or I’m I looking for trouble? The HKS filter I already have so that’s a problem solve. What do you all think, or what are your recommendations?

hey, i currently have a ebay cai and replaced the filter with a K&N one. It sounds good. Im not sure, but i heard the hks filter will go bad soon because of how its made or the material? maybe someone can correct me.
well i dynoed my 91 integ w/the ebay cai and hks hi-power and got 121whp 118tq…good luck

Yeah I know about the HKS filter getting dirty very quickly, but I’m guess if it’s getting dirty quickly then wouldn’t that mean it’s doing it’s job pretty good.

Yeah I know about the HKS filter getting dirty very quickly, but I’m guess if it’s getting dirty quickly then wouldn’t that mean it’s doing it’s job pretty good. If I was going to use a K&N filter which one and what’s the size I should be looking for that would work good in a CAI?

oh…you would need a cone filter but im not to sure about the size, been kind long, do a search

They don’t call that HKS filter the “mushroom of death” for nothing you know.

its funny that you say that, because, pretty much every TT Supra, Skyline GTR, and alot of the cars in the Best Motoring Videos all use hks style filters. i guess they can’t be that bad. i do know this, they (hks filters) are rated in there place of origin, the same way k&n gets its respect up here in north america. think about that for a minute…

I use to have a 89 supra Turbo with a T04E turbo set-up with internal work done and lots of mod. I used a HKS Filter which work the best. I tried it with a K&N and well it didn’t do as good. Now I’m driving a Teg NA and I was told that NA works better with the K&N style filter not HKS. Can someone confirm this? ( :bawl: I miss my supra: Had to give it up because of school)

oh yeah…the supra is still in my family…it’s just my big brother is now the owner. :slight_smile:

well how in the first place did you confirm/base your decision that a hks filter worked better than k&n? what kind of test did you do to determine that it did best or didn’t do as good?

the only REAL way to find out which filter works best is to dyno and test each material filtering designs for each one.

even if one filter works better, the difference is negible. i would be more concerned about filtering abilities than hp gains when it comes to filters.

its possible that those cars could be sponsered by hks, hence the reason for using their filters. many hks filters come with an adaptor specially made to fit turbo charged cars, making it easier to add on a filter. another reason could be due to the fact of space limitations in the engine bay forcing them to use a more smaller sized filter than a larger cone sized from k&n. plus those cars might get torn down and inspected regulary, so using a less filtering filter like hks might be fine for them.

i think since from an intake u dont really get much power…and when people say if its just 1-2 hp loss who cares ,it bothers me becasue u only get 3-4hp from a intake on most cars. when i buy my stuff i want as much performance as possible from every part in my price range.just learn to take care of it …clean ur filter its not hard. slap on a AEM brute force :clap: hahaaha

Well my test are pretty easy when it comes to a turbo charge 6 flat like the supra. With a turbo charge car the difference is noticable when driving. Also with the K&N the car boost at about 11.5-12 psi, and with the HKS my system ran all the way up to fuel cut which is at 14 psi (had HKS VPC w/550)without using the HKS EVC and the HKS fuel cut on both test. What I do know about turbo charge cars is that for every performance parts added the difference is much more noticeable comparable to NA cars.

Do you have any experience with this filter or are you just watching all those “JDM” videos with your shorts around your ankles?

I’ve seen many HKS filters where the heat has broken down the foam and caused it to come apart. Where do you think those pieces of foam go?

Have you ever seen a Greddy Airinx’s glued seam come apart? Where do you think the glue and foam goes?

Think about that for a minute.

:giggle: sorry to offend you, sweetheart…i’m currently on my 4th HKS filter. the one that is currently on my car is over 4 years old, i live in Canada, so it has been through every weather change and harsh element, and hasn’t come apart yet. are you listening to the clown asses that have no experience with anything and talk shit over the net, daily? has the foam filter ever broken down on you? :hmm: i don’t care which filter makes 1.4whp more, because its irrelevant to me. i’ve used HKS, K&N, Weapon-R (my personal favorite, hp & tq wise, but, that foam shit on there v2’s break apart) actually, amybe that’s the foam filter you mean. anyway, its all relative, and i personally have had nothing but good experiences with my filter,and, mine is the old ass HKS powerflow.

Yes, I’ve had an HKS and Greddy filter break down.

hey man, i’m sorry to hear that, but, one thing that people keep forgetting about the HKS, is that the filter element is replaceable. i bought a new filter element the day i purchased my HKS. the original one was nasty and oily. to be honest, i tried to clean it with a watery base and the element disolved like saliva and cotton candy, so, i was forced into buying a new one. in any case, i’ve had no problems.

I bought one Airinx replacement and it fell apart after a year or so I switched to K&N. I didn’t bother replacing the HKS one. I just sold it to some kid for cheap minus the filter element. I’ve never had a problem with the paper/cloth style filter. I just clean and re-oil them once in a while.