Ebay catback exhaust 90 Da

Long time lurker 1st time posting. So, I know from reading that ebay catbacks aren’t very welcomed. I’m building a Da for my 14 year old. I’ve had multiple Honda’s to include a 90 Da that I had in highschool. So again, Ive heard all the bad and I just want to post my experience so please easy on the bad comments. Take it for what its worth. I don’t have $500-$700 to spend on a name brand exhaust (rather save that for his swap later) so I figured if anything I spent $111 on some stainless steel mandrel bent tubing at the very least. The seller is autumnwish_autoart. This particular exhaust is called rs style and it fit perfectly on my sons 90 Da. I’m sure with the 92-93 you’ll need to modify it a bit.

Exhaust went on very straight forward and very easy. Hardest part was getting all four corners off the ground safely. The only thing I replaced were the crappy exhaust gaskets because the ones supplied were cheap and thin. System fit nice and tight and not low at all. This was designed really nice no BS!!

Sound from the exhaust is nice!!! It’s deep with no rasp or fart can noise at all!! Almost sounds like a straight piped car. I’m sure with time like anything else it will develop a rasp or get deeper.

My expectations prior to install were not too high. I was expecting a loose fitting, low hanging exhaust that would have tons of rasp. Overall, I was impressed with the fitment and sound. The tail pipe sticks out just a tab bit more than I like but it doesn’t bother my son at the moment so he’ll have to live with that until it does.

I would recommend this cat back with no hesitation!!

That piece looks very well made, hard to beat for that price as long as it doesn’t fall apart quickly. Did you happen to confirm the piping diameter?

I did measure the inner diameter and it measured 2.5 inches. The tail pipe tip was exactly 4 inches. Hope this helps.

I had a similar experience with my 100 dollars ebay exhaust. Looks almost identical to yours, sounds great, honestly better than other name brands. It wasn’t perfect though, being that mine is a 92 the exhaust was about a foot short of the cat and also, for some reason, the pipe reduces to 2.25 for only a 6 inch section at the bend by the rear suspension, then it goes back to 2.5. I’ll have to fix that…
Of course I bought the ebay header with test pipe and that only made the length issue further worsened due it being obviously designed for a DC even though the ad stated it was a DA. No biggie though, a quick trip to autozone with 2.5 pipe and 2.5 ID attachments on both ends, a couple welds and all was good.

I just installed the same catback. Fit is surprisingly good and doesn’t hang low. Did you weld the tip to the muffler? The supplied clamp isn’t holding mine tight.

Sorry for the hella late response!. I left it as is but I do plant weld it and put a smaller diameter tip on it. Almost been a year and no issues with the exhaust.

Any pictures of how far the tip sticks out? I have a '92 and feel the need to increase the noise to fun ratio but don’t really want to waste my time if it doesn’t fit worth a damn out of the box.