ebay front camber kit problems

I got this ebay camber kit from ebay a while ago it looks exactly like the skunk 2 . Well when I put it on it was alittle tight for fitment but I made it work. I took it for a drive and when I hit the littlest bump it would throw my wheel right through my hands to the right like 90 degrees lol. My friend said a alignment will fix it but it scares me to even drive 1 mile like that so I took it off. I wanna put it on to delete my neg. Camber will a alignment really fix it g2 please help. Thanks

you should get a alignment

Ok so you think that’ll solve my problem?

Check to see if the bolts that hold the camber in place are as tight as your vagina. Loose camber bolts can often make the wheels/suspension rock back and forth thus making your sterring wheel shake like a mofo…

He NEEDS an alignment. Fixing your camber w/o then adjusting your TOE is a surefire way to burn thru your tires in no time flat. Typically if you lower a car, then correct for that by adding positive camber, you will throw your toe off significantly more than it was before the addition of the camber kit.

Thank you colin I needed your words of wisedom. I tightened the camber bolts to all glorys hell so I can eliminate that. Now that I think of it my dad said that when I was drivin towards him my wheel looked like it was aiming out so my toe must be really out of whack towards the right thus when I hit alittle dip it throws my steering. Tada:up: