EBay Springs? (Dropzone)

well, my car sits high, and i dont exactly have a lot of money, so i came across these, around 140 shipped, what do you think of them? worth there money?


i have them on my car there okay nothing special

hmm, i hear yes and no about it, i just want to drop my car, nothing to crazy… i dont want to get beat the shit out of by the ride, but i dont mind to rough of a ride either… i would more than likely match them with some aftermarket struts… but probably get tired of the 4x4 height and put the on my stock struts… lol

i just used stock struts i am poor so i got those springs

whats up broke ass DA owners, this thread is for me.
Specifically Matt (LAKE EFFECT IN EFFECT!)

I raised my car back up to stock height a few months back with cheap, used stock struts and springs and my car looks shitty and I already blew a back strut anyway, so Im trying to buy new struts/shocks and springs and lower the car a bit.

That eBay Seller is really Good.

I bought some DropZone shocks from him twice. They’re cheap, but well worth it. I haven’t really seen no bad feedback for DropZone shocks.

DropZone coilovers are as good as $50 eBay ones.

As for the springs, as long as the fronts are dropped lower than the rears, you should be good to go.

Personally I would go with the DC/EG DropZone shocks with some springs.

Personally I would go with the DC/EG DropZone shocks with some springs

What Difference does these make ???

i have a set of dropzone springs on my maxima (i know its not a teg) i hated them at first until i i set my illuminas at 4 and it seems that it rides just about as good as stock except when i hit bad bumps. if you are on a budget, they are good to get