ebay SS brake lines HAVE YOU EVER

im just wonderin im not a noob by any means. but i have a built ls that im gonna turbo and traction bar and blah blah blah, but i was thinkin making the lines is cheap its just how much they want to charge. so with ebay quantity it would be cheaper. but i dont want to get them and they go pop on the highway @ 120 . :wahmb:

if youre driving your car at 120mph on the freeway, dont risk innocent peoples safety by getting ebay brakes

There, fixed that for you.

telling a violent person to stop is only going to make them more angry.

my idea there is that if its going to happen, i dont want to be the poor guy who happens to get hit by this kid cause his brakes failed.

yes, it is dangerous. but people who live on the edge dont listen to logic or ration. all you can do is try to make it safer for others.

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dont risk innocent peoples safety by driving your car at 120mph on the freeway

There, fixed that for you.

innocent peoples on the freeway

Fixed it for you even more :smiley:

im not a kid and the advice is well take i just bought the complete brake upgrade from the one of the sponsor companies. thanks for the input. but in all honesty there is a place around where i live called hose fast. and they make me ss line for the turbos i put together and stuff like that. quick fast and cheap. so i thought maybe ebay bought a bunch to make it more profitable. they only want 13 a line. see where im getting at.

Whats with the ebay hate? Half my damn car is parts from Ebay because I know exactly what I am purchasing. No I don’t use ricer parts, except for the cold air intake pipe with a proper K&N filter. A better critique would be do not trust no name brands found on ebay from sellers with non existent or questionable transaction histories.

I have a set of Russel (Edelbrock) stainless steel brake lines. They are from Jegs not Ebay but someone might sell them there. I paid $92 and they work well. I have a very firm pedal since installing them and will likely use them in the future on other vehicles. One feature I do like about them is the hanger (dunno what else to call it) that routes the line correctly and keeps the lines where they should be. I’ve seen kits without the hangers and would avoid them based on that alone. Oh and the Edelbrock lines are Department of Transportation approved, if you give a crap what they have to say (fuck them). http://www.jegs.com/i/Russell/799/684800/10551/-1?parentProductId=754018 There is also another reputable company called techna-fit that makes stainless hoses. I haven’t used their brake lines yet but I have used their clutch line for a Hydraulic clutch and it kicked ass on a 3rd gen Integra.

Stainless brake lines are a good idea. The thing that made me want to upgrade the lines was this. I once was in a service area of a shop and saw a car without the front wheels on and a guy was pumping the brakes while another guy was watching the calipers move back and forth. The brake line bubbled out to a big knot and scared me. The tech said that was normal. I figured out rather quickly that braking energy is lost with a rubber hose. By replacing them with a stainless line more energy gets to where its needed, the caliper.

I have heard Techna-Fit horror stories, fittings shearing off at the joint etc. IMO stick with reputable companies. I got mine from StopTech. They cost a pretty penny but you cant put a price on safety.

Theres was a guy on ebay selling new sets of goodridge lines on ebay for my 5 lug setup. Got mine for like 80 shipped.